Integrated engineering

EP, equipment supply

Welcome to the world of innovative solutions and integrated engineering. We are a team of professionals ready to bring your projects to life with impeccable quality and efficiency.




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What do we offer?

Our expert team offers state-of-the-art technology and unique turnkey solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, energy and mining industries.

About Us

The history of the company begins in 1999. The main activities of Unix LLC were construction, installation and supply of equipment. After 8 years, the company’s engineering group was separated into a separate structure. Thus, in 2008, Unix Engineering LLC was formed. Currently, we are an expert team of specialists offering modern innovative, energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies, specialized equipment, and unique turnkey solutions for enterprises in the chemical, petrochemical and mining industries. Integrity, courage, agility, openness, development and professionalism allow us to be an ambitious company that makes bold challenges to optimize technological processes

Как мы работаем

Our clients

Our partners

Accumulation of modern developments in equipment from more than 150+ factories in Russia, China and India

followed by analysis of the relevance of solutions


Our partners in China and India

These competencies allow us to offer our customers the most advanced and efficient solutions in the field of equipment. We analyze the latest technologies and innovations used in Russian, Chinese and Indian factories and companies to improve the quality and efficiency of our supplied equipment.
We strive to ensure that our equipment always meets the highest industry standards and requirements. Our goal is to provide equipment that will help our customers optimize their production processes while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

We unite

Accumulation of experience from 13+ large companies in the Russian Federation and CIS

Accumulation of technologies and experience of 150+ best manufacturing plants in the Russian Federation, China and India.

Application of the competencies of manufacturing plants in the Russian Federation, China and India in new tasks for our clients.


How we are working

Stage 1

  • Feasibility Study
  • Design
  • Engineering

Stage 2

  • Supply of equipment
  • Certification
  • Logistics

Stage 3

  • ShMR
  • PNR
  • Training
  • Commissioning

Why choose us?


Availability of an office in Moscow, Minsk, Shanghai. Allows us to quickly manage the implementation of projects.


Availability of a team of engineers in the Shanghai office. Allows us to systematically audit and control all stages of the project.


Implementation of EP contracts. Having an expert team and supply experience allows us to implement EP contracts.


ISO9001 quality management system. The use of advanced methods in quality management during the implementation of transactions allows us to implement projects with the highest quality

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